20,000 sq ft of urethane flooring installed on Food Processing Facility

February, 2012

DLS Flooring completes another successful renovation project in a bakery located in Dallas, TX. “20,000 sq ft of flooring were replaced for urethane mortar”, said the Flooring Crew Manager at DLS Floors. “This non-toxic, non-hazardous, and highly chemical-resistant flooring will give this facility considerably more durability on their final product, as compared to a concrete flooring system.”

Other advantages of the new urethane mortar flooring are the following:

  • Because there is no primer needed before applying the mortar, the downtime was reduced almost in half.
  • No ventilation in the facility was needed because of the low VOCs contained in the urethane mortar. All foods were safely kept at the facility during the installation period.
  • The new mortar urethane flooring system has sound deadening properties, meaning that their floors will effectively handle abuse from dropped pots and utensils.
  • The curing time, typically associated with concrete solutions was eliminated.
  • The new urethane mortar solution will withstand radical heat and cold temperature changes, which will extend the durability of their floors.

The crew at DLS Flooring worked closely with the bakery facility managers to ensure that safety procedures were followed. In the end, the bakery flooring renovation project was successfully completed free of accidents, on time, and on budget.


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