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Industry / Aviation Floors


Aircraft hangers are designed to protect airplanes, helicopters, or any other type of specialty equipment. DLS Floors is an industry leader in state-of-the-art flooring system design specifically for the aviation sector. From aircraft hangers and passenger terminals, to supporting areas like kitchens and maintenance areas, we have exactly what it takes to install the right flooring system for all areas of your airport environment.

Whether you have a new build or need to renew that old hanger, DLS has a variety of options that we will personally guide you through. Decorative epoxy resin finishes look amazing and are incredibly low maintenance. We also have fast-drying systems that cure so fast, you’ll be fully up and operational in the matter of a few hours time. If you are looking for the best possible vendor to improve your hanger floors, your search is over. Let DLS Floors show you just how easy it is to get instant and sustainable results.

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