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Industry / Technology / ESD Floors

Technology / ESD

If you are looking for a non-conductive flooring solution that looks amazing, you’ve come to the right place. DLS Floors has extreme proficiency in solutions aimed specifically towards electronics, data processing, pharmaceutical labs, or any other environment where electronic discharge is unacceptable. We offer premium grade, high performance finishes that are designed to dissipate electrostatic control properties with consistent resistance to ground readings and extremely low body voltage generation.

From brightly integrated signage and color-coded zones, to directional traffic control and custom branding, DLS Floors offers expert level design and installation services that

highlight zones and walkways so your high-tech facility can look great, operate more efficiently, and stay protected against rogue electric currents. DLS offers a full line of highly specialized products designed exclusively for Technology Clients. Let us help you to develop a comprehensive plan and turn-key solution that works. Call (855) 357-3566 for a FREE Consultation today!

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