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Industry / Food & Beverage Floors

Food & Beverage

When it comes to food manufacturing environments, chronic surface-based and airborne-type bacterial infections are more vulnerable. Between blood, oils, fats, and food acids, contaminations can be widespread if your treatment facility floors are not treated correctly. This is why DLS has developed a division that specializes exclusively in the food and beverage category, and is one of our strongest proficiencies.

We can quickly design and install a seamless, joint-free finish that actually kills bacteria instantly on contact. Our silver-ion based floor resurfacing products eliminate infectious areas like cracks and crevasses, while establishing an antimicrobial surface that is both durable and easy to clean. From dairy, fruit, vegetable, meat or fish processing facilities, to commercial kitchens, bakeries, cold storage, and bottling plants, DLS has a specialized solution that
will amaze you within a few hours time. Call now to talk with a Food Service floor expert now by calling (855) 357-3566.

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